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The Network & Cooperative

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What is ENN?

EuroNordic Network & Cooperative (ENN) is starting its journey as a truly collaborative and transparent network for European, Nordic grants and impact projects. ENN is the culmination of the ambition and vision of leading experts who have made great positive impact in Europre through their social impact projects under Erasmus+ and other European Union Funding programs.

The aim of this network building is to foster cooperation and collaboration among European, EEA, Norwegian, Nordic, and Ukrainian stakeholders and increase their respective impact in tackling new challenges and leveraging emerging innovations.

The network & cooperative is meant for true long-term partnerships and a frictionless collaboration toward applying and implementing various grants and funding opportunities.

The member-led cooperative will be governed in the finest of Nordic and European traditions in value-based, transparent, and respectful governance. ENN is being shaped by members to create a lasting and impactful cooperative where ideas, experience and expertise sharing leads to bigger projects and greater positive impact on society. The Exchange of knowledge among members is leveraged to collective and individual advantage and bring greater benefit to society.

The network & cooperative aim to make collective efforts to tackle greater challenges such as climate change, rebuilding Ukraine, to increase the success rate of grant applications by member organizations. It is also designed to foster innovation, technology and design-driven initiatives, and social entrepreneurship.


  • Enhance the quality and impact of project proposals
  • Increase the success rate of grant applications
  • Foster innovation and new ideas through an open exchange of ideas
  • Join forces toward high-quality large grants
  • Form consortia for Ukraine
  • New Opportunities

Mission and Goals

Green Transition

Promote sustainable development & Net Zero transition

Partnerships for Progress

Collaboration, knowledge sharing, and capacity building for social impact programs in the EU, and EEA


Establish relationships with global “giving pledge” organizations and Impact Investment Institutions

Ukraine Partnership

Extend cooperation in helping Ukrainian colleagues and organizations.

Global Mission

Leveraging knowledge and expertise of members to high impact environmental and social programs beyond Europe

Join the collaborative cooperative EU Nordic network

Euro Nordic Network Governance

Euro Nordic Network as a Norwegian not-for-profit is to be governed by members. 

It is designed to be a cooperative of European, Nordic, and Ukrainian organizations that are making a positive contribution to our societies and the environment.

If you wish to actively participate in the governance, nominate or be a board member, apply now to become a candidate. 

Members meet in Oslo at the summit to elect the first-year board of directors of the network.

Oslo, Norway